The Great Lakes Shipwreck File:
The Great Lakes Shipwreck File:
Total Losses of Great Lakes Ships, 1679-2001
By Dave Swayze
Copyright 1998-2014, all rights reserved
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Welcome to the Great Lakes Shipwreck File!

This document is the most complete and accurate list of losses of Great Lakes commercial vessels in existence, but it may be considered to be a work in progress, since my research continues. It includes commercial vessels which were total losses or were declared total losses and later recovered, plus a few wrecks which were significant for other reasons (e.g. loss of life), but were later recovered. I am happy to share this with any and all interested parties, but as of August, 2010, it represents about 23 years of steady work, so if you use any of the material herein, PLEASE CREDIT to David D. Swayze, Lake Isabella, MI.

I welcome your contributions to this web page. Any information submitted and used will be attributed to your collection. Items should include reliable documentation. Newspaper articles by themselves are not necessarily reliable without supporting documentation. In my research I have found over 2500 vessels which were reported as total losses in the newspapers, yet lived to sail another day. However, if you have a good article which may report a total loss, send it along for comparison to my files. I have information on nearly 500 reported total losses which are not yet, in my estimation, well proved enough to go into this database (click HERE to see the list). Please note that this database is limited to vessels lost above the head of the St. Lawrence River (see note, next page), and, with a few exceptions, does not include yachts or abandoned vessels. Many wrecks which you may know about - especially those located in rivers or bays - were abandoned and are not in that spot because of a wreck.